Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Inevitable Unity

This is a post I wrote nearly 2 years ago. I may have become wiser by now, but the essence of the post still persists.

Is there anything as a 'Spirit of Humanity'? Frankly, I find the mere suggestion of such an entity ridiculous. Even if it does prevail in a realm, it must be a serious victim of BPD. While on one side it talks about peace and unity, it has an insatiable self destructive nature to itself. By peace here, i mean the absence of human bloodshed and wars and the like.

The point therefore is, peace cannot be obtained in the way we normally assume, in the way we isolate it as complete absence of chaos. Throughout history, man has killed man and I cannot recall any phase where there has been the persistence of a utopia.

I always maintain observing things based on how they are and how they have been earlier rather than on how anyone thinks they 'should' be. Our minds aren't omniscient and therefore we always prone to committing errors. And based on how things are and have been, utopia is an impossibility. In fact it almost appears as though peace is an irritating entity which never emerges dominant, never offsets violence significantly and never ever dies.

As a ferverent fan of astronomy, I have been zealously studying about our universe as we know it. And this is where I had this revelation - the Sun will actually be responsible for uniting the world. I am not talking about some extraordinary use of solar energy although that is basically the reason here. Still baffled? Let me explain -

The sun is a star and that means it is growing and becoming hotter continuously. Life as we know it is dependent on how much energy we obtain from the sun. Our earth is in a comfort zone in terms of its distance from the the sun; it's neither too far to freeze and neither too close to melt. But as the sun becomes more intense and bigger, the comfort zone will shift further away from it. With that gone, the earth will literally melt and finally perish, consumed into the innards of the sun.

I do not see an instinct more intense in every human being than the one to sustain its well being, to survive. In the future, humanity will have a common enemy and one from which there won't be any escape unless the world stands united in tackling it.

Think about it; the wars, the altercations and the like; all seem insignificant juxtaposed against this impending cataclysm. We have to leave planet earth and such an endeavor would possibly require the cooperation of the collective intelligence of the world.

Better still, all dissidents would have to be terminated. By dissidents, I mean the usual selfish odd one out unconcerned about the status of their subsequent generations. As far as I know, there are lesser of such people on earth. Instinctively, the world will attain a sense of togetherness on being threatened by a common enemy.

Of course, my speculation is subject to many other constraints. For example, since this event isn't going to manifest anywhere in the near future, many nations might already discover means of mass inter planetary transportation and hospitalizing other planets to replicate the environment of the earth. This would make leaving our world much easier and the sun would no longer be a threat. So much for unity in such a scenario then.

But for giving the opportunity for peace to offset violence completely just for a moment in the infinity of time, I really do hope we find ourselves one day looking at the sun more as a bringer of death than a giver of life. Till then, all we can do is hope that the shattered limbs of humanity are held together miraculously and it still breathes.