Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why you should add Facebook Comments Box to each Blogger post

If you are not aware yet, Facebook Comments Box is a social plug-in by Facebook that allows people to comment on a website. With what I had read, the comments are linked to the user's Facebook profile and anything that' posted on the comment box appears on the user's profile. Replying to the update on the user's profile updates the comment on the comment section as well and vice-versa.

Ok. I will try to avoid the word 'comment' from now on.

To cut to the chase, I am not a programmer and do not understand complex coding. That's why, when I tried to add a umm... comment box to my blog. I came across a strange problem. I found out that there are two versions of it and each with a critical shortcoming for Blogger.

First version:

Following the instructions laid our here, I successfully managed to integrate the box. However, when I tested it out, there was a major problem as can be seen below -

Yup! There is no option to 'like' or 'reply' to any comment posted there which sort of defeats the whole purpose of trying to reach out the Facebook audience. However, the advantage here is that each post has its own unique mention on a persons Facebook feed.

2nd version:

Since the previous version didn't meet my need to engage people on Facebook, I tried to integrate the box which can be seen on TechCrunch. For the actual implementation, I found help here.

Great! So now I can reply and like other users comments but then... there was another problem. Using this method displayed the box not only on each post, but also the blog homepage. Moreover, the post made on Facebook leads the users to the blog home page and not the post itself.


Simple. Add the following code at the end of each blog post's HTML.

Don't for to place your post's URL instead of 'URL of post goes here'. So there you go! Good day...